We are also pleased to announce that grant applications can now be submitted online through the EMDR Research Foundation Website for your convenience.

To ensure multiple high quality applications are received, this information needs a wide distribution. Please forward this announcement to colleagues who are involved in psychotherapy research or to those who may have connections to individuals or organizations involved in psychotherapy research.

Your assistance in this effort will aid in continued and ongoing solid research in EMDR Therapy. New studies and replication studies are essential to expanding the evidence base for EMDR Therapy across a range of populations and disorders.

For information about the different awards offered, submission deadlines, and the Foundation’s research priorities, please continue reading and click on the award of interest.

Research Grant Awards:
[https://emdrfoundation.wpengine.com/research-grants/research-grant-awards] Grant awards of up to $25,000 are available for post-doctoral students, university faculty or clinicians conducting research on EMDR Therapy with submission deadlines of February 1 and July 1.

Sandra Wilson Memorial Dissertation Awards:
[https://emdrfoundation.wpengine.com/research-grants/doctoral-dissertation-grant-awards] With submission deadlines of February 1 and July 1, eligible doctoral students may apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to support dissertation expenses related to EMDR Therapy research.

Research Consultation Awards:

[https://emdrfoundation.wpengine.com/research-grants/research-consultation-awards] Up to $1,000 may be available to facilitate access to required expertise that would advance the development of an EMDR Therapy research project, to support the completion of an EMDR Therapy research project underway, or the writing of an article on EMDR Therapy for publication in a professional journal.

Research Dissemination Travel Award:

[https://emdrfoundation.wpengine.com/research-grants/research-dissemination-travel-award] Up to $1,000, the award supports dissemination of research findings by clinicians, doctoral students, or university faculty presenting their research at local, national and international non-EMDR professional meetings. The Foundation thanks you in advance for your help in this very important endeavor. Wendy J. Freitag, Ph.D. President, EMDR Research Foundation