Create a Fundraising Page | EMDR Research FoundationYou have the opportunity to create a fundraising page through this website that you can easily share with your network to raise money in honor of a family member, friend, colleague, yourself, or through a special event or occasion like a wedding, graduation, or running in a 5K race that will directly support EMDR Foundation!

As we receive donations we will mail your designee a special card personalized with your message. The card will acknowledge that a donation has been made, but will keep the amount of your gift private.

All donations are processed securely.


How to Create an EMDR Foundation Fundraising Page

  • Step 1:  Provide us with your story and/or an EMDR testimony.

  • Step 2:  Provide us with a photo (or a few) and/or a video.

  • Step 3:  We will set up your fundraising page with a donation form included that you can share with your network.

  • Step 4:  Start sharing your fundraising page, raise money, and change more lives through the EMDR approach!

You can take things a step further…

Create a Facebook Fundraising Page and select EMDR Foundation as your nonprofit.

Below is an example of a Facebook Fundraising Page with EMDR Foundation selected as the nonprofit. This is a great way to spread the word about the EMDR psychotherapy approach and advance the cause of The Foundation.

Please contact us at to submit your story and/or to inquire for more information.