It has been 30 years since Dr. Shapiro’s chance discovery led to the development of EMDR therapy, and it has been through rigorous and unbiased research that EMDR therapy has become recognized as an effective psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma-related disorders. The EMDR Foundation continues to work to fund and disseminate more research that will help determine how EMDR therapy can be utilized in the treatment of even more disorders, issues, and populations. We invite you to read our 2017 Highlights. This attractive, trifold document describes the first 10 years of work of the EMDR Foundation; including a list of EMDR research projects that have been granted awards by the Foundation. We encourage trainers, consultants, clinicians, researchers, Regional Coordinators and others to download this document and distribute it freely. Post these 2017 Highlights online, send by email, or distribute printed copies at your next event, training, or meeting.

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